In addition to WINDRIDERS, FLYING ISLAND collaborated with SONY on the film A DAY IN THE WAVE.  All location work was coordinated using FLYING ISLAND staff and knowledge of the unique locations throughout the Hawaiian Islands.

In addition to Farrant, FLYING ISLAND has negotiated on behalf of  variety of productions including Emmy Award winning Dan Merkel's raw footage for the Asian Market.  Merkel has had an impressive career in both still photography and motion picture camera work with releases like ENDLESS SUMMER II.

Emmy Award winning filmmaker (“THE BLUE PLANET”) Yuri Farrant's classic surfing film “CRYSTAL EYES” was one of the first to capture and synchronize music & motion. FLYING ISLAND composer Greg Forrest was tapped to write the score for Farrant's film release. 
Japan's PONY VIDEO secured the distribution rights on CRYSTAL EYES for the Japanese Market and FLYING ISLAND inked the soundtrack deal with KING RECORDS.  
Farrant's stellar career included major motion picture credits; POINT BREAK, WHAT DREAMS MAY COME, AIRBORNE. CRIMSON TIDE and many others …………

FLYING ISLAND FILMS has been associated with SONY PICTURES for many years.  FLYING ISLAND and Yuri Farrant hooked up on WINDRIDERS, Farrant's first windsurfing film, featuring the legendary Robbie Nash. SONY released the film in Japan and Greg Forrest was contracted again for the original music. FLYING ISLAND produced the soundtrack and PLAY TO WIN, the lead song was considered as the televised theme song of the Summer Olympics.
Working with Japanese investors, FLYING ISLAND embarked on a rather surreal flying adventure titled
A documentary, filmed on location in 
the Australian outback.

Hawaiian Airlines pilot and long-time gold prospector, Nick Lucas, had the wild idea of flying an ultralight aircraft outfitted with a metal detector, over the goldfields of Western Australia in search of a legendary vein of gold.
 The crew ventured on a wild road trip from Adelaide to Kalgoorlie full of unexpected turns and surprises.  The film crew is composed of non-English speaking son of a famous Japanese film producer, an experienced but also non-English speaking Japanese cameraman, a Dutch director, Aussie farmer-turned-cameraman, and of course two airline pilots, which creates an intensely comical travelogue.

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