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Book One
The X-Factor, The Relationship Between Inherited Heart Size and Racing Performance, Marianna Haun, copyright 1997

Book Two
The X-Factor, Patterns of Heart Score & Performance, Marianna Haun, copyright 2001

Book Three
Solving the Mystery of Secretariat's Heart, Mariana Haun, contributor K.C. Jakeman, copyright 2013

Book Four
A Tale of Two Hearts, The X-Factor from the Beginning, K.C. Jakeman copyright 2018

After 25 years researching and using X-Factor in my own breeding program, I decided to hang it all up
and retire to Florida and South Carolina. I sold my last colt in 2010 and hung up my tack in 2018.
This final book pays tribute to the Golden Era of racing, where it all began.

Tracking and tracing X-Factor isn't complicated. It has been hiding in plain site for decades.

  • Chapter One:  The X-Factor Theory from the Beginning 
  • Chapter Two:   Memories of a Golden Era & Saying Goodbye to Turf writer Marianna Haun & Penny Chenery 
  • Chapter Three: Pocahontas (1837) and her brilliant three Sisters.
  • Chapter Four:  The Four Pillars of X-Factor Broodmare Sires
  • Chapter Five:   The Heart of the Triple Crown 
  • Chapter Six:  North American Steeplechase Hearts
  • Chapter Seven:      Sporting the X-Factor [How large hearts have impacted our Performance Horse World] 
  • Chapter Nine:  Prominent Heart Scans and their Heart Scores (Cheat Sheet)
  • Chapter Ten:   Cheat sheets and Heart Charts for Breeders

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