Book IV in the X-Factor Pedigree series
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Book One
The X-Factor, The Relationship Between Inherited Heart Size and Racing Performance, Marianna Haun, copyright 1997

Book Two
The X-Factor, Patterns of Heart Score & Performance, Marianna Haun, copyright 2001

Book Three
Solving the Mystery of Secretariat's Heart, Mariana Haun, contributor K.C. Jakeman, copyright 2013

Book Four
A Tale of Two Hearts, The X-Factor from the Beginning, K.C. Jakeman copyright 2018

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My goal was to make the X-Factor Theory so easy to understand that even a non Breeder could figure it out,
by the end of the last chapter. Sure you can complicate X-Factor or deny it, but once you find the pattern
of inheritance and the physical markers that go with them, you can't unsee what I teach you in this book.

  • Chapter One The X-Factor Theory from the Beginning [Why was Secretariat's heart so large?]
  • Chapter Two  Memories of a Golden Era & Saying Goodbye to Turf writer Marianna Haun & Penny Chenery
  • Chapter ThreePocahontas (1837) and her brilliant three Sisters
  • Chapter Four The Four Pillars [Broodmare Sires] of X-Factor and how to find them
  • Chapter Five  The Heart of the Triple Crown and why size does matter
  • Chapter Six   North American Steeplechase Hearts
  • Chapter Seven      Sporting the X-Factor [How large hearts have impacted our Performance Horse World]
  • Chapter Nine Prominent Heart Scans
  • Chapter Ten  Cheat sheets and Heart Charts for Breeders

In Chapter One we talk about Ruffian & her pedigree, La Troienne and her pedigree, Faultless, Black Helen, Dr. Fager and Kelso, In Chapter 2 beginning with Northern Dancer whose heart was measured using ECG by Dr. Fred Fregin, I analyze each Kentucky Derby winner from 1964 to 2018. That includes Triple Crown winners American Pharoah and Justify. The heart of the matter is Chapter Four where I describe the four Broodmare Sire pillars of the X-Factor.
You won't find any other book on the shelf that explains what the X-Factor is or how to follow the X-Factor theory. I know because I actually put the theory to the test in 2003 by breeding 9 of my broodmares to Lexington stallions who I knew where exhibiting X-Factor.

                                           Thank you for buying my book. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
                                                                                                        Sincerely, K.C. Jakeman
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