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Chapter One
The X-Factor from the Beginning

How we proved the X-Factor Theory in 2012

The big breakthrough came when Marianna called one of her clients in Texas to perform a skeletal observation on a colt we were following. Jim Spry of Heartlines Ranch agreed to send one of his colts to be x-rayed by Dr. Cliff Honas at Texas Equine Hospital located in Bryan, Texas. 

  • Colt #1 looked like his mother's father
  • Colt #2 looked like his mother's, mother's father
  • Both colts out of same mother, a year apart
  • Colt#1 sent for X-ray to count vertebrae
  • Colt #2 scanned using ECG (EKG)
  • Mother is by A.P. Indy
  • Her mother is by Lyphard
  • Colt #2 looked like Lyphard
  • Colt #1 looked like A.P. Indy
  • A.P. Indy was scanned using ECG
  • Colt #1 scanned using ECG
  • Colt #1 matched A.P. Indy ECG
  • Colt #2 matched ECG's on file from daughters of Lyphard who had been scanned previously.
  • Colt # 1 had 5 vertebrae (short back long front leg) like A.P. Indy, short back long foreleg.
  • Colt #2 conformation photo confirmed longer back shorter front leg - like Lyphard. 
  • The mother was scanned using ECG. Skeletal measurements were taken. 
  • Mother's ECG scan was the same as Lyhpard daughters ECGs on file. Mother's skeleton like Lyphard. Long back, short foreleg.
  • Mother had 2 X chromosomes, one from her father A.P Indy (recessive) and one from her mother's father Lyphard (expressive).
  • Mother is a double copy mare passing on 2 different X chromosomes to her sons.
  • X-Factor Theory was explored and solved by two women, a horsewoman and a reporter. 

Chapter Two
Memories of a Golden Era

Our new discovery answered so many
questions from the past. Prior to our skeletal discovery we often guessed at which X line to follow to determine or predict inherited heart size. 
That guessing led to many predictable errors.

XPR = X-Factor Pedigree Research
XPR 150 = Darley Heart/5 lumbar
XPR 147 = Eclipse Heart/6 lumbar

In this chapter we say goodbye to the splendid 90's and early 80's as well as my dear friends Marianna Haun and Penny Chenery
We analyzed every Kentucky Derby winner from Northern Dancer's win in 1964 to Justify's win in 2018 using our skeletal technique to determine likely inherited heart size. The results were very revealing because we have decades of produce records to examine any pattern of inheritance from  their daughters and the sons of those daughters. 

Chapter Three 
Pocahontas & the Three Sisters
In my humble opinion this the most important chapter in the book

  • In all of the X-Factor books Marianna extensively talked about Pocahontas. 
  • In this chapter we go in depth to explain who she was and why her sons and daughters are so important when tracking pedigree and skeletal markers. 
  • Pocahontas perfectly displays the double copy theory with two sons receiving a 6 vertebrae skeleton and one son receiving a 5 vertebrae skeleton.
  • Pocahontas is a double copy mare. She is the source of both the Darley Arabian and Eclipse.  
  • Eleanor - Julia and Cressida give us the maternal platform for inheriting the coveted X-Factor.

Chapter Four
The Four Pillars of X-Factor

  • This is my shortcut chapter. Not everyone wants to go back to the beginning to trace X-Factor patterns, it's not practical or enjoyable, so we did that for you. 
  • Chapter four talks about the four Broodmare sires who consistently show up in large heart pedigrees in our modern performance horses. We find them in Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses, Morgans and Standardbreds.
  • The most revealing part of this chapter is three of the Broodmares sires have a 5 lumbar skeleton while the fourth Broodmare sire has a 6 lumbar skeleton. BINGO!

Chapter Five
The Heart of the Triple Crown

  • Using our new skeletal identifier, we thoroughly studied each Triple Crown winner's pedigree and conformation photo. After examining the pedigrees, comparing the conformation photos and digging through thousands of heart scans performed on ancestors with matching pedigree patterns and skeletal markers we were able to confidently identify likely inherited heart size. 
  • Sir Barton - Gallant Fox - Omaha - War Admiral - Whirlaway - Count Fleet - Assault - Citation - Secretariat - Seattle Slew -Affirmed - American Pharoah - Justify

Chapter Six
The North American Steeplechase Horse
Large hearts who have gone the distance!

Chapter Seven
Sporting the X-Factor
Quarter Horses - Morgans - Standardbreds

Chapter Eight
X before Y 
How to read X-Factor 

Chapter Nine 
Prominent Heart Scans

Chapter Ten
Cheat sheets and heart charts

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